Maybird Classic Sailing

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The restoration of a classic sailing yacht
Yacht Crusing

Yacht Navigation and Voyaging by Claud Worth

The restoration has involved a very significant supporting cast of contributors whose input to the project has been much appreciated. The following have all played their part: Jonathon, Matthew, Paul and the team at MDL Saxon Wharf, Jeanette – upholstery and canvas work, Gary the Engraver, Corian Ken, Bob – pipecots, John – Marine Electronics, Simon – Windlass and Anchor Systems, Mr Robinson – Compass Adjuster, John Excel - MCA coding ( /07769907272) , Paul and Frank of First Marine Propulsion, Ken of Factor O, Andy and Tom of Martins Rigging, all at the Yellow Welly for looking after the ‘inner man’ and ‘inner woman’. Kirsten who has provided much needed structural guidance on all matters relating to cyberspace – mysterious waters indeed for a gaffer;
Finn Beales who dragged a couple of Luddites through the mysteries of website design and production with grace and humour and equally Simon our film maker who recorded for posterity our restoration with limitless patience and editorial flair -

And finally

Although he was not ‘officially’ part of the team, a very special mention has to be made for Claud Worth. The practical guidance given in his Yacht Cruising (1910) has proved invaluable. The mysteries of sails, spars, standing rigging, running rigging, timber, painting and varnishing are fully explained. He also has a beautiful turn of phrase ‘...a love of the sea with some seems almost innate, to others it may come late in life; but no man who has loved the sea can forsake her, ever.

Worth’s combination of practicality and romanticism embody the spirit of Maybird.

Restoring a classic yacht Restoring a classic yacht Restoring a classic yacht Restoring a classic yacht Restoring a classic yacht